I am Morvan Le Borgne

I am an executive coach

and public speaker

My mission is to help you stand up

and embody your ultimate leader

What makes a conscious leader stand out is the quality of her presence, to herself, to others, to Mother Earth. In every moment.

A Montreal based entrepreneur, Morvan Le Borgne works world wide.

He focuses on conscious leadership, both in French and in English.



Through professional coaching, Morvan Le Borgne helps executives and entrepreneurs that are at a turning point to connect back to their inner leader, unleash their true power, and maximise their health, their wealth and their relationships.

Morvan offers taylor-made one-on-one coaching sessions for executives and entrepreneurs during 3, 6 or 12 months.

Morvan is a moderne coach who works with his clients over zoom, phone, whatsapp or messenger.

His huge experience and expertise drives him to help his clients thrive around essential executive topics for success : public communication, interpersonal communication, conscious leadership.



Through public speaking Morvan offers an inspirational and impactful conference for conscious organizations and leaders.

During 90 minutes, Morvan embarks people on an adventurous journey to teach them the power of self discipline, gratitude and mindfulness while connecting them to the unlimited power of their inner leader.


You will learn HOW:

  •  Your daily self-discipline can help you get more power
  • To put yourself in priority every day in order to maintain your leadership and improve your performance
  • Gratitude can transform your life and the life of your teammates
  • Mindfulness is a key to controlling your emotions and enhance your relationships
  • Your consumption has an impact on your leadership and your performance
  • Daily compassion will take you to a higher level of leadership – To connect to your inner leader, the ultimate best version of yourself

Gains :

  • Better individual and collective performance
  • Better team cohesion
  • Better interpersonal relationships
  • Greater sensitivity to oneself and others
  • Better focus
  • Better resilience
  • Better stress and emotions management
  • A breath-taking experience to connect to your inner leader


Who is Morvan Le Borgne?

  • Morvan Le Borgne helps international conscious leaders & decision makers to maximize their impact on their teams, their ecosystem and on the planet. As a speaker, he inspires individuals and organizations to look on leadership and performance from a different perspective.
  • For more than 15 years in the business world, he was a strategic advisor for CEOs of multibillions assets companies and multiple boards. He has guided them to enhance the impact of their public communications, to craft a sustainable organization’s vision and to co-create solid relationships with their community. Morvan has also lead two NGOs during intense transformational changes. He was appointed by the Canadian and US governments as a fellow of two major leadership programs, and was Head of mission in Tunisia for Public Relations without Borders.
  • Morvan stands out with exceptional expertise & experience on crisis management, public communications, relationship facilitation with Board members and Community, emotional intelligence, & Mindfulness. His unique take on ecosystems complexity helps him to quickly identify crucial issues and to facilitate sustainable changes.
  • Morvan holds a Master degree in public communication from Laval University (M.A.). He wrote a thesis about the positive impacts of CEO’s communication during mergers and acquisitions. Morvan is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) from the Co-active Training Institute (CTI).
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